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Write a story clip art

EducationWorld offers the following classroom activity ideas that teachers can use for a variety of subjects and grades.

write a story clip art

The constant is most commonly expressed as the rounded number 3. Write a Pi Story or Poem English teachers can use the number as a unique mathematical writing prompt. For example, since pi begins with the digits 3, 1 and 4, the first word in the story would contain three letters; the second word would contain one letter; the third word would contain four letters, and so on.

It can be very challenging to compose a thought when only words of a certain length can be used, and teachers will be surprised to see how creative students can get with this exercise.

The activity also can be used to compose a haiku or other short poem, perhaps even one about the concept of pi. Purchase numbered beads example hereor provide nine different colors of beads and use each color to represent a particular digit from 1 to 9. Students should string the beads, being careful to place them in the proper order to represent the digits of pi.

Once students finish their necklaces, they can compare them to see who managed to display the most decimal places. Using paper plates, have students draw the pi symbol in the center of the plate.

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Challenge them to fit as many decimal places as they can while keeping it all legible. You can discuss how pi is important to circles, which just happens to be the shape of the plates.

Have the students take the radius and find the area of each pizza. Next, have the students divide the cost of each pizza by the area to arrive at the price per square inch. Using the three prices per square inch, kids can accurately determine the best pizza value.

Once that question is answered, everyone can eat the pizza.

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