The floundering expatriate

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The floundering expatriate

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Get Access The Case of the Floundering Expatriate Essay Sample In an Economic Times article on the 15th of September there is a report that says that more and more expatriates and foreign corporate managers are queuing to take up Indian assignments.

This is because the idea of an Indian experience from a growth and role perspective offers them a huge value addition. This article if taken in context with the case in question gives us the clear correlation between foreign assignments and future corporate success.

Success in a foreign assignment is usually the trial-by-fire for corporate managers. Their success here could thus make or break their careers. Although he has excellent credentials, both as a successful team builder at Argos International in Detroit and as a teacher in Cairo, his style seems abrasive here and he is behind schedule in implementing the team-building program.

Donaldson is a smart man with a record of genuine successes in the States. If he gets fired, his career may be destroyed. Further, the CEO of Argos International thinks the world of him and is counting on Waterhouse to make this assignment work.

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The Case of the Floundering Expatriate | Essay Example Implementation Matrix15 The purpose of this report is to identify, evaluate, and recommend solutions to the problems identified at Argos Diesel Europe. There are three major issues at the heart of the problems of the organisation.

Can Waterhouse teach Donaldson cultural awareness? Can he help him become effective in his job? Waterhouse has scheduled a conversation with Donaldson to discuss the situation. What should he say?

The floundering expatriate

Bert Donaldson — Deputed to create a seamless managerial team but having a tough time. He wants Donaldson to stay on. Paul Janssen — Vice president of human resources for Argos Europe who has a complete knowledge of the dissatisfaction with Bert. His managers are indifferent to him, angry with his attitude and basically putting a spanner in the works.

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Employee morale is down, work is stuck and the training program is filled with mistakes. In other words Donaldson has messed up his part completely.

The catch is that Frank cannot simply do away with Donaldson by firing him or sending him back to America. Donaldson is considered a star performer and Frank has been advised to stick with him for a little while longer.

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Even he does fire him the move may reflect unfavorably on him and might lead to the collapse of the team-building effort. His wife is bored without work; their eldest daughter is facing problems with grades in the British school.

The problem is not just a temporary adjustment problem. The problem is so serious that Bert has personally admitted to his inability to handle the juniors.

Frank has to take a decision with regard to Donaldson. Some of the options include sticking with him for another year, firing him or sending him back to America. He does not interact with his juniors, learn Swiss German, and is unpunctual too.The Case of the Floundering Expatriate.

Case Analysis to gain competitive advantage. Donaldson be replaced by a suitable European counterpart. To ensure smooth caninariojana.comive Summary Argos International has recently decided to integrate its European parts suppliers under Argos Diesel.

The floundering expatriate

Europe. Students (Monday) THE FLOUNDERING EXPATRIATE: AN ANALYSIS Bearing Hoftede’s five cultural dimensions in mind, I will start this analysis with a general discussion on culture and cultural awareness and then focus on several interactions within the case study that could have been handled differently potentially altering the outcome.

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15th of September there is a report that says that more and more expatriates and foreign corporate managers are queuing to take up Indian assignments. This is because the idea of an Indian experience from a growth and role perspective offers them a huge value addition.

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