Rfs meaning business plan

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Rfs meaning business plan

History[ edit ] More than years ago, the residents of the small town of Berrigan in south west New South Walesbanded together as firefighters to protect their community against the ever-present threat of bush fires.

They were Australia's first official bush fire brigade. Prior tobushfire fighting services in New South Wales were essentially a patchwork of more than separate fire fighting agencies working under a loose umbrella with no single chain of command. The core of the service, then as now, was the volunteer brigades that were organised along council district lines under the command of a locally appointed Fire Control Officer.

Fire fighting efforts were funded by the Bush Fire Fighting Fund, established in and financed by insurance companies, local council and the State Government. A variety of State-run committees and councils oversaw bush fire operations with members drawn from various Government fire fighting agencies and council and volunteer representatives.

These groups developed legislation and techniques but in the main responsibility for bushfire management was vested in individual local councils in dedicated bush fire areas as determined under the Fire Brigades Act. This Act proclaimed the areas serviced by the Rfs meaning business plan of Fire Commissioners now Fire and Rescue NSW and covered the urban areas of Sydney and Newcastle together with most regional and country towns of any significance.

More thanhectares 2, acres of land and homes were burned. The lengthy Coronial Inquiry that followed recommended the State Government introduce a single entity responsible for the management of bush fires in NSW. As Director-General of the Department of Bush Fire Services, Koperberg had been in command of the fire agencies battling the fires and was instrumental in developing the legislation that led to the Rural Fires Act.

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Organised control of bush fires began with the establishment of the first volunteer bush fire brigades at Berrigan in These culminated in the Red Tuesday fire of 1 February in Gippsland that claimed 12 lives and destroyed buildings.

Bush Fire Advisory Committee, —[ edit ] In September a conference of fire-fighting authorities was convened to discuss the prevention of bush fires during the summer months. The Bush Fire Advisory Committee was established to prevent and mitigate bush fires.

It was also largely responsible for preparing legislation that led to the Bush Fires Act of The system of bush fire brigades manned by volunteers and directed by their officers appointed by their local Councils continued but shire and district councils or Ministers could now appoint group captains to direct brigades formed by two adjoining councils.

Essential to the legislation was the establishment of the Bush Fire Fighting Fund. This Fund was financed by insurance companies contributing half the funds with the remainder supplied equally by State and local government. The Minister for Local Government was empowered to appoint a person to take charge of all bush fire operations during a state of emergency.

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A Standing Committee composed of a chairman and five others met at least once a month. A special Co-ordinating Committee was established to oversee the co-ordination of fire-fighting and related resources prior to and during the bush fire season, and particularly during bush fire emergencies.

Major bushfires during this period were in Far West NSW at Moolah-Corinya, [19] [20] [21] [22] Cobar, [19] [20] [21] [22] Balranald, [20] [21] [22] and across other parts of NSW in —75[23] [24] [25] Sydney[26] Waterfall[27] Grays Point[28] Western NSW grasslands[20] [21] [22] Cobar and across other parts of NSW in —85[20] [21] [22] [23] [24] [25] and across Australia's eastern seaboard Members of these bodies ceased to hold office but were entitled to hold office on a replacing body.

The Council was to consist of nine representatives with a direct or indirect association with bush fire prevention and control; the Commissioner in charge of bush fire fighting services was ex-officio to be the Chairperson of the Council.

The task of the Council was to advise and report to the Minister and Commissioner on any matter relating to the administration of rural fire services, and to advise the Commissioner on public education programs relating to rural fire matters, training of rural fire fighters, and on the issue of Service Standards.

A statutory body — the Bush Fire Co-ordinating Committee — also was established.To authorize appropriations for fiscal year for military activities of the Department of Defense, for military construction, and for defense activities of the Department of Energy, to prescribe military personnel strengths for such fiscal year, and for other purposes.

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rfs meaning business plan

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