Restructuring strategy of nokia marketing essay

How Nokia achieved dominance in its industry, considering its rather inconsequential beginnings, is a corporate success story by itself. But given that its rise to market prominence happened only in the last two decades, this paper shall dwell on analyzing not its history but its marketing strategies, particularly its marketing communications strategies, and how effectively it maneuvered its brand positioning in the market.

Restructuring strategy of nokia marketing essay

Restructuring Strategy Of Nokia Marketing Essay – Love-pet

Nokia entered India in Third Largest Telecommunication Market: India ranks third globally after China and U. The Indian market is adding about 10 million users a month. ByNokia estimates that there will be around million mobile phone users in India as compared to million.

So, it took India 12 years from when the mobile revolution began to grow from zero to million subscribers. However, analysts estimate it will take only five years to add the next million.

Inan IDC report indicated that there were about 28 new handset vendors in India. Nokia led with a Samsung and LG followed with markets shares of 7.

Update Mar, — Nokia had a market share of approx.

Restructuring strategy of nokia marketing essay

Its revenues were Rs 12, crore in and Rs 12, in the The Indian market accounts for 12 per cent of worldwide sales for Nokia. Nokia planned to rollout the microfinance offer in 12 Indian states. Nokia anticipates such customers would drive demand for high-end phones.

Restructuring strategy of nokia marketing essay

In one quarter of alone, twenty-seven new mobile handset manufacturers entered the Indian market to introduce entry-level models and other models with features such as dual SIM cards and full QWERTY keyboard for the price sensitive Indian consumer.

Mobile handset sales in India: By year ended June 30,mobile handset sales in India was In India, Nokia has 2 lakh retail outlets and support centers across cities and towns. Maxx Mobile — In less than two years after entering the Indian mobile phone market, Maxx Mobile captured around four percent market share by offering around 45 models and having a presence across India with its service centres.

Restructuring Strategy Of Nokia Marketing Essay – Love-pet

With such a strong distribution network the company wants to increase it market share to about 10 percent in the next two years by InNokia introduced the Nokia with a Hindi menu.

InNokia launched the Nokiaa first Made for India phone. Init ranked in the top ten at number 4. Nokia has since held the number one slot for three years consecutively.

In FebruaryNokia entered into an alliance with Microsoft.


Nokia began using the Windows operating system on its smartphone range called Lumia. However, India operations are unlikely to be affected by the job cuts, a spokeswoman from Nokia India confirmed.Nokia e-business strategy has helped the marketing strategist to better plan their product offerings, keeping in view the latest trends of the market.

The products are designed and manufactured keeping in view the needs and wants of its target market. Strategic Marketing Planning — the process of developing and maintaining a strategic fit between the organization’s objectives and capabilities and the ever evolving marketing opportunities for its products.

On February Nokia, Inc., and Microsoft Corp. have announced plans for a “broad strategic partnership” under which Nokia will adopt Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform as its “principal smartphone strategy” and engage in a number of other efforts to jointly create market-leading mobile products and services.

This is a realistic target that which can be achieved by performing of carrying out these marketing strategies. Sales of Nokia is EUR billions, down % . In this study the two above-mentioned approaches to strategy are studied and two case companies were selected. The first case business NOKIA is an old Finnish company and was founded in report on Marketing Strategy of Nokia India is an overview of Nokia's entry and expansion strategies in India.

Nokia Corporation a Finnish multinational communications corporation, headquartered in Keilaniemi, Espoo, a city neighboring Finland's capital Helsinki.

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