Religion doesnt cause war essay

Student Answers bhawanipur Student To understand Whether religion causes war we must look at what is religion. Religion means belief in God and the scripture related to it and I don't think they teach us to go for war. Its the mindset of greedy, aspiring people of wealth, fame, and to his kith and kins.

Religion doesnt cause war essay

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Icomment on Does religion cause war? Since records began there has been religion on some level, whether it is the belief in a Christian God in comparatively recent times or whether it goes further back in history to Hinduism or Judaism along with other religious beliefs.

During the same time period there have also been a large number of wars and battles between countries and civilisations. But what are the causes of these wars? Many argue that such things as politics, power and material goods are the causes of these wars, whereas others claim that it is religion which is the main reason.

Where it can be said that religion has had a large influence on many conflicts in the past, it can also be argued that political issues and power struggles have had just as large an impact.

While some argue that religion is the cause of wars, it is inconclusive whether war would or would not exist if there was no such thing as religion. Some would say The Crusades are a major example of religion causing war.

From the 11th century to the 13th century Christian states in Europe launched what are sometimes called Holy Wars against Muslims in the East. These wars centred on the city of Jerusalem which held a Holy significance in the Christian world. In this example, religion has clearly caused The Crusades as there would not have been any war if the city of Jerusalem did not have Christian significance.

However, a contrary argument to this would be that it was the massacre of Christians which caused The Crusades to begin and not because of differing religious beliefs, although it is unquestionable that religion played a major part in the beginning of the Crusades as the massacre may not have taken place without a religious background.

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As the argument for religion causing war heavily outweighs the opposing argument, in this context it is fair to say that using this example, religion does cause war. Although the previous example concerning The Crusades suggests that religion does cause war it would be unfair to generalise this conclusion from one example of war to war in general.

There are many counter arguments when discussing the topic of religion causing war such as political or cultural issues. One such example of this is the conflict in Northern Ireland which is commonly perceived as a religious one although religious and political leaders have used religion to incite division or unison within their people.

The Unionists those who wish to remain a part of Great Britain are predominantly Protestant whereas the Nationalists see themselves as Irish and are usually of the Catholic faith.

By using this example it is clear that religion is not the sole cause of war although it can be used as an incentive to continue a conflict which is shown through the conflict in Northern Ireland where it has almost become a religious conflict, such is the commonly held view of the hostility.

This example can therefore be used as basis for an argument stating that religion does not, in general terms, cause war. Ignoring The Crusades, and more specifically the First Crusade, it is difficult to confidently state that there have been other wars which have undeniable religious causes.

However, one which has underlying holy origins is World War II. This is shown by his actions following his writings in Mein Kampf.Relgion as a concept does not cause war. People cause wars, but ideas do have consequences.

People's interpretations of the Koran and the Bible have caused wars before.

Religion doesnt cause war essay

But peoples' interpretations of holy documents has caused peace as well. So to answer your question, no, religion itself does not cause war, but peoples' application of that religion. In an essay titled “Science Must Destroy Religion,” he claims that only when religion is eradicated “will we stand a chance of healing the deepest and most dangerous fractures in our world.” Elsewhere he writes that “intellectual honesty is better (more enlightened, more useful, less dangerous, more in touch with reality, etc.) than.

International terrorism, the current wars in the Middle East, as well as many other innumerable conflicts around the globe have all added fuel to the fire of this argument: that religion is dangerous because it somehow is the cause of this violence. World War II could be viewed as a conquest based solely on religion, but that is not true at all.

"Race was a major factor in World War II, religion played a more limited role. There were only some religious aspects of the war.

" (World War II: Religion). Differing faiths do not cause war, but they play a key part in the process of starting wars/5(2). religion in terms of symbols, practices, rituals, social structures, and discourses. Thinking about religion in this way, scholars could escape their confinement to viewing religion as a set of ideas and reasons that cause war and could.

Jan 16,  · Religion causes wars; Religion causes hate; Doesn’t matter who they are. They all get some form of respect, even if I don’t like them or disagree with their choices.

Comment by truth_seeker — August 4, @ pm. Religions do not cause war or hate. Man does. The Bible should be used for guidance.

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