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Rabia mateen thesis

I was awarded my Ph. Rabia mateen thesis joined the Hoare Lab as an NSERC postdoctoral fellow in April and my project involves studying externally activated hydrogel electrospun fibrous scaffolds for drug delivery and tissue engineering applications.

My undergraduate and master research were mainly focused on fabrication of lipid based nanoparticles to delivery enzymes and nutraceuticals.

After that, I completed my PhD studies at University of Alberta, working on fabrication and characterization of liposomes to deliver hydrophobic and hydrophilic bioactives and in vitro analysis. My research was mainly focused on developing polymeric micelle drug delivery systems for tumor treatment and studying the interaction Rabia mateen thesis functional groups in micelles to offer a guidance on the rational design of effective drug delivery systems.

My previous work is focused on biomass-based nanocomposites for biomedical applications. I joined the Hoare Lab as a postdoctoral fellow in Augustfocusing on developing nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery systems.

InI completed my Master's degree in Dr. Hoare's lab creating polymeric systems designed for hydrophobic drug delivery.

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Fei Xu co-supervised with Dr. I started my Ph. I completed three work terms as well as my Honours thesis with Dr. Tito Scaiano and Dr. Kevin De France co-supervised with Dr. Michael Majcher I graduated from the University of Akron in with a BSc in Biomedical Engineering, specializing in biomaterials and tissue engineering.

Niels Smeets at EcoSynthetix and Dr.

Rabia mateen thesis

Todd Hoare at McMaster University. Research experience in extraction and purification of HMW LM pectin from tropical fruit for medical purposes and industrial experience in food production. Current research is related to the development of a reusable polymeric paper-based device able to conduct rolling circle amplification and produce visible massive DNA amplicons, with a potential use in biosensing technology.

Biosci at McMaster University in Since the winter semester of my second year, I started working in Dr. I was fortunate to work with Daryl Sivakumaran on the development of the temperature-driven covalent self-assembly of well-defined precursor polymers to form nanoscale hydrogel materials that are degradable addressing a key challenge in this area.

My current research goals include understanding and controlling the internal structure and functionality of such particles, and ultimately using these as drug delivery vehicles in a wide array of biomedical applications. Outside the lab, I enjoy mountain biking, hiking, playing tennis, going golfing, performing on the piano or playing clarinet in the McMaster Chamber Orchestra.

I have previously worked on a polymeric nanoparticle drug delivery system at the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, and developed sensor chip modifications for a benchtop SPR device with Nicoya Lifesciences. My co-ops ranged from academic and industrial research to industry optimization and management.

I am currently working towards my M.

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My research revolves around the design and synthesis of nanocapsules for ultrasound triggered drug delivery. Ultimately the works aims to improve upon the efficiency of chemotherapy and other location-specific treatments. As an undergraduate researcher, I worked on a tattoo-implantable colourimetric assay, for glucose sensing.

These may be used for a wide range of applications, from drug delivery, to tissue engineering. In my past researches I focused on the assembly and covalent attachment of PVCL-based temperature-sensitive microgels on surfaces. On the assembled microgels the movement of cells can be directed. I am joining the Hoare lab for this summer and I am going to work on the fabrication and characterization of charged self-assembled microgels for drug delivery applications.

Outside the lab I enjoy playing piano, listening to classical music and playing badminton. My current research is focused on synthesizing hydrogel-starch nanoparticle clusters for improving anti-cancer drug delivery to solid tumours.

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Rabia mateen thesis

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