How to write a wikipedia about yourself

If you believe reliable sources exist which will make the article more balanced, you can help by pointing other editors to such sources. You may wish to make suggestions on the article's talk page or, if the problem is clear-cut and uncontroversial, you may wish to edit the page yourself. If your edit may be misinterpreted, you should explain it on the talk page.

How to write a wikipedia about yourself

Background Getting attention is not always a good thing An article about yourself is nothing to be how to write a wikipedia about yourself of. The neutral point of view NPOV policy will ensure that both the good and the bad about you will be told, that whitewashing is not allowed, and that the conflict of interest COI guideline limits your ability to edit out any negative material from an article about yourself.

There are serious consequences of ignoring these, and the " Law of Unintended Consequences " works on Wikipedia. Once it's in Wikipedia, it is viewed by the world and cannot be recalled. For example, Tiger Woods is one of the most accomplished golfersyet his possible fall from grace is mentioned in his article.

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Rolf Harris has been regarded as a national treasure for many decades, but his arrest and prosecution for child abuse was widely reported in the mainstream and broadsheet media, and it would be against Wikipedia's neutrality policy to not include it.

Elected officials such as heads of stateentertainers with commercialized productions, authors of published materials, and professional athletes can reasonably expect various details of their personal lives to receive coverage. While having a Wikipedia article may make you a celebrity of some sort, be ready to have your personal life exposed.

If you are seen at the side of the road being issued a speeding ticket, and that gets reported, it may end up in an article about you.


If your house is foreclosed and this gets reported, it may find its way onto Wikipedia. And if you get into an argument with another person in public, someone may report that in a reliable source, and it will be fair game for Wikipedia. Even if one day the article looks great, it may tell something very different the next.

The nature of a wiki is such that information can change at any time. All because of well-verified information in your Wikipedia article. Hopefully, by the time you are ready for a Wikipedia article that would meet all inclusion guidelines to exist, you already know what fame feels like, are already aware of what is being said about you, and what to expect.

Miscellaneous things to be aware of A memorial has been erected. It may be ignored by most passers-by, but it will surely be noticed by someone.

These are some miscellaneous things you should know in order to be prepared for there to be an article about you. They may be good or bad, depending on your expectations. Since all information added to Wikipedia must be verifiablethis may make it difficult or impossible to defend yourself against sourced negative information added to an article about you.

If the information is added within guidelines, you cannot tell "your side" of the story or otherwise provide a response other than what has already been reported in reliable sources. Most terms, when entered into a Google searchwill reveal 1—2 Wikipedia articles with an identical or closely matching title within the top 10, and often the first two hits.

If there is an article about you, and your name is googled, especially if it is uncommon, chances are the article will come up as one of the first hits.

Wikipedia is cloned by many other sites and has many mirrors and forksperhaps hundreds that follow a single article. If your name was never previously found via a Google search, and suddenly there is an article about you, it may lead to dozens of Google hits that are all some variation of either the current or a previous version of the article.

A previous version of the article may contain possibly inaccurate derogatory statements which are not subject to editorial correction without a long, difficult and in some cases almost impossible process of locating, contacting, and persuading the person in control of the offending webpage to make the corrections you desire.

Litigation might even be required, which would require advance expenditures and might not be successful. There is a site called Deletionpedia that preserves copies of deleted Wikipedia articles.

Even if you or someone else manages to get the article about you deleted, it may turn up there. Random articles are often found by hitting the " Random article " tab on the left. Though there is no way of knowing exactly how often a random article is searched, whenever the number of times this occurs exceeds the number of Wikipedia articles, there is a good chance about Unless you are very well-known, that person probably has no prior knowledge of you, and is unlikely to care much one way or the other who you are or what you have done.

That person, however, may examine the notability of the article, or look out for other issues it may have. Even if there is nothing bad to say about you, vandalism on Wikipedia is quite common, and most articles are vandalized by someone at one time or another.

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Vandalism consists of a variety of additions, removals, and other changes, often including hate speech possibly against your ethnicity or the cause you stand forprofanity, inappropriate images, external links, or just random characters.

Vandalism is generally reverted quickly, but unless oversightedwill remain permanently in the edit history. Most edit histories are likely ignored unless they bear some significance.

Older versions that remained around for some time are often robotically cloned to other sites. If you share a name with one or more other people, there is a good chance the article will be found by someone either on a disambiguation page or hatnote who may otherwise have no interest in who you are but may read the article out of curiosity.

For example, the article titled Michael Jackson is about the pop singer. It bears a hatnote that reads For other persons named Michael Jackson, see Michael Jackson disambiguation."Lose Yourself" is a song by American rapper Eminem from the soundtrack to the motion picture 8 song was written by Eminem and produced by Eminem along with longtime collaborator Jeff Bass, one half of the production duo Bass Brothers, and Luis was released on October 28, , as the lead single from the Hip hop, rap rock.

Love Yourself" is a song recorded by Canadian singer Justin Bieber for his fourth studio album Purpose (). The song was released first as a promotional single on November 8, , and later was released as the album's third single.

how to write a wikipedia about yourself

It was written by Ed Sheeran, Benny Format: Digital download. Mar 15,  · And don't bother writing about yourself; it's considered a conflict of interest. Tip Detailed instructions on the proper way to cite sources can be found by typing WP:CITE into the search box and.

Dec 18,  · How to Write an Essay. Throughout your academic career, you will often be asked to write essays. You may have to work on an assigned essay for class, enter an essay contest or write essays for college admissions.

This article will show you 73%(). To cut to the chase - if you wanted to be left off of Wikipedia, you'd need to make sure you never become notable enough for an article. Or at least, by Wikipedia's standards. There are certainly avenues to write in to community members about an article on yourself, but really, if you're notable enough for an article, it should probably exist.

Wikipedia does not distribute previously-unpublished information; original research is not permitted in Wikipedia. In this context, "autobiography" means not only something you write yourself, but also something you pay, or instruct, someone to write on your behalf. Why these problems exist.

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