How to write a friendly pen pal letter

Not a member yet? I love receiving long letters getting to know someone. Looking for people nearer my age. Look forward to hearing from you.

How to write a friendly pen pal letter

Writing to a Pen Friend Handwritten letters add a personal touch. Source Featured on BBC News Magazine Online As Katherine Moller, who met her husband online but still hand writes letters says in the BBC News Magazine, "In a world where it is so easy to hop online to email or to send a fast text, it is so personal and so precious to know someone chose to turn off the virtual world to spend some time with you".

This hobby is known as 'writing to pen friends' if letters are exchanged and 'writing to key pals' if the friends message online.

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Often the people who are corresponding never meet. However, strong friendships can develop between long-term pen pals. A circle of friendly people can be built up easily.

Any unpleasant or toxic people can be dropped. You just don't write back. Now we follow each other on Facebook as Mary Lou can't write anymore due to ill health. Over the years we have shared ideas, talked about our lives and families in our different countries, she lives in America and I live in UKand, knowing each others since we were 14, we have developed a very strong friendship.

All that is needed is a friendly nature, a desire to learn about how others live and the ability to communicate through writing letters. Initially I would advise writing to people of similar age to yourself as new pen pals are more likely to have lots of common interests to write about if they are from the same generation.

However, I have written to considerably younger people successfully. I currently write to several aged 80 plus years who are very interesting people.

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It's useful to have contacts abroad. I had two lovely holidays staying in France with my pen friend. In turn, I gave her a holiday in UK. Also, when my Finnish pen friend's son came to UK for a convention, I offered him a place to stay in my home. Ways of Writing to Pen Friends Letters to penfriends can be hand written using pen and paper.

This is known as snail mail because it's a slower means of communicating. The letters are mailed through the postal systems of the countries involved by airmail or surface mail according to the stamp value you put on. Alternatively, many people use email or other digital ways of messaging each other.

They are known as 'Key Pals'. This is still a form of being pen friends and is, of course, much faster than snail mail. The post boxes will remain permanently gold.

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PenPal World features over 2, pen pals from every country all over the world. Finding Pen Friends There are several ways to find pen friends if you want to join this hobby. I have a few suggestions for you to try according to your preference.

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Letter writing is an art and takes effort. However, the good news is, with the availability of all kinds of letter templates in different formats, writing a well-formatted letter . This kind of letter can be formal or casual, depending on the situation.

When you are welcoming a new member to your organization, for example, the document will be formal.

how to write a friendly pen pal letter

A letter to someone new in your neighborhood would have a more casual tone. When writing a welcome letter, your goal is to.

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