Globalization a continuation of western imperialism essay

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Globalization a continuation of western imperialism essay

June 8, Is globalisation the Western cultural imperialism? The case of Singapore Topic: At the start of this subject, we looked at new forms of imperialism and the unfolding of the colonial era; we ended with critiques of globalization. How different are these forms of global interaction and integration?

Answer this question with reference to one or more of the countries we have studied. Tomlinson also states that globalization brings interconnection and interdependence among global areas as a result of increased business and cultural activities; and these effects would weaken the cultural unity of individual countries.

Therefore, not surprisingly many people tend to believe that globalization is the case of Western cultural imperialism or in other words, cultural imperialism implies colonization in a post-colonial world Tomlinson, However, this essay will argue that this is not true with regards to Singapore.

According to Holtoncultural consequences can be explained in three major theses: The first thesis claims that global culture has become homogeneous because of Westernization or Americanization.

Secondly, the polarization thesis believes global interconnection and independence do not automatically result in cultural resemblance, which, unlike economic organization and technology, is harder to standardize. However, the framework of this essay is based on the hybridization perspective, which states that culture borrows and integrates elements from others to create synergic forms.

In the process of globalization, Singapore plays two roles: Ang also refers that Singaporean government representatives no longer speak about cultural imperialism with a defensive position but demonstrate a more self-assertive and forward-looking perspective.


In fact, Singapore is increasingly presenting itself as a country with great confidence and pride in its national values and powerful relations with other countries. Singapore in context It is necessary to understand Singapore in context of the colonial and post-colonial period to assess the impacts of globalization.

Singapore is a post-colonial city and a nation which gained its independence in Foley et. Before this period, Singapore was subject to British and Dutch colonialism, Japanese occupation and has also been part of Malaysia.

Is globalisation the Western cultural imperialism? The case of Singapore – JJourneys

In order to gain independence, Singapore not only contended with the occupation from Malaysia but also faced with social and economic issues. As these authors mentioned, another strategy adopted to position itself as one of the most globalized nations in the world was to import popular culture around the world.

There is an assumption that Singapore may lose its cultural identity because of its attempts to become the main information hub in the South East Asia region. The country has encouraged international news services and broadcasters through financial and infrastructural incentives.

Simultaneously, the government still insisted on tight rules and censorship. In addition, Singapore also shows its desires of proposing Asia as a greater contributor to human civilization in the new century Foley et.

Globalization a continuation of western imperialism essay

Now that we are less poor, we should begin to assert our own point of view. Hence, we can see that Singapore has a desire for a shift not only in global economic power but cultural power as well. This is particularly important in a country such as Singapore which has different mix of cultural, religious and language groups Bannerjee, According to the study of Tan et al.Globalization: A Western Perspective Essay examples - Washington consensus, often interchangeably used with neoliberal policies, has become a rod of dissatisfaction among anti-globalization.

In theory, neoliberal policies seek to industrialize Latin America through western ideas and structure under the policy of “one size fits all”. Essay about Globalization: A Continuation of Western Imperialism - "In ancient times the opulent and civilized found it difficult to defend themselves against the poor and the barbarous nations; in modern times the poor and barbarous nations find it difficult to defend themselves against the .

Globalization: A New Form of Economic Imperialism Essay - Globalization is a new concept that was introduced to the world after the fall of the communist regime.

Is globalisation the Western cultural imperialism? The case of Singapore – JJourneys

Is globalization a continuation of western imperialism? My aim here is to put in place a coherent evaluation of the similarities and the diffrenes, if any, between "imperialism as an ideology and globalization as a force through which the .

It might be more interesting to assess how some other powers (i.e., non-western states) are employing the forces of globalization (greater economic, political, social, and cultural transactions. Essay on China, India, and Japan Responds to Western Imperialism Words | 10 Pages CHINA, INDIA, AND JAPAN RESPONDS TO WESTERN IMPERIALISM C.

H. HIS Asia in Age of Decolonization and Globalization August Western imperialism or expansion ignored a country’s sovereign right to self-rule and independence from dominant foreign powers.

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