Essay on who says mncs are superior to indian companies

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Essay on who says mncs are superior to indian companies

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Express your positive attitude towards providing the solution. These companies not only provided employment to lots of Indian people but also gave them chance to show their talents beyond Indian boundaries by giving them opportunity to develop business outside.

These companies have not only set themselves successfully but also got a prestigious position in other companies.

They are the examples of Indian success in industrialization and globalization as well as they have set the examples in front of other Indians also that their can be another Narayan Murthy or Ratan Tata or birla. Not only this, these companies are rivals of Foreign MNCs in their respective market which is changing attitude of western people and most of them want to make business with Indians.

Let me share some points towards MNC's are doing better than Indians.

Essay on who says mncs are superior to indian companies

If you don't find a job after your studies. Second think about relaxation. Ya People may seek 'relaxation'.

Essay on who says mncs are superior to indian companies

Third one is about Security. I agree the Govt Indian jobs are more secure than MNC however if you have sufficient knowledge, you don't loose your jobs. And finally Job satisfaction.

Doing the same thing for a quiet period of time will lead to bore and mental pressure. We can't learn anything. Curiosity and invention should be there to get motivation ourself which lead to work more. But my dear friends,let me tell you the true situation of MNCs in 3 points: When you get to relax on weekends, the pressure of your work aches your body and your mind.

The tension that follows every recession. The insecurity and lacking the opprtunities to enjoy with your own family because we can't get that many holidays as we are working for them and they are paying for it without any second thought of our comfort and relaxation.

What is the fun of getting so much money and not having the time to enjoy it? What is the fun of getting such big status and not being able to share and enjoy that with you family?Are MNCs superior than Indian companies, work culture in companies,job security and insecurity in companies,relaxation in MNC's,Salary in MNC's and Indian Companies.

Mar 22,  · The 's have been a liberating decade for many Indian companies. Who would have thought till then that P & G would lose money in India; that Coke would do what it had never done anywhere else, namely, put its money behind promoting local brands that it had bought up to kill them and take.

Essay # 7. Innovations of Indian MNCs in Global Markets: Products suited for the Indian market are now being marketed abroad as well, and by no other than multinational companies who developed these FMCG goods to suit Indian tastes .

Superiority factor of company depends on work done by company or its employees. So no nobody can say whether MNCs are superior to Indian companies or not. Essay: Role of MNCs in India Tuesday, July 10, Essays for Competitive Exams Leave a Comment. sponsored links.

Most of the multinational companies earlier were either American or European or Japanese. MNCs may damage the economies of the underdeveloped countries because their superior knowledge, worldwide contacts and . Featured. McKinsey Global Institute Our mission is to help leaders in multiple sectors develop a deeper understanding of the global economy.

Essay on Multinational Companies