Customer satisfaction of atm service

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Customer satisfaction of atm service

Conclusions and Recommendations 1. Introduction Banking system can be traced to medieval and early renaissance Italy, to the rich cities in the north like Florence, Venice and Genoa, the Bardi and Peruzzi families dominated banking in the 14th century Florence, establishing branches in many parts of Europe.

The most famous Italian Bank was the Medic banks, established by Giovanni medic in During the 20th century, developments in telecommunication and computing resulting in major changes to ways banks operated and allowing dramatically increasing size and geographical spread.

The first decade of the 21st century also saw the culmination of the technical institution in banking over the previous thirty 30 years and saw a major shift away from traditional bank branches to internet banking Charles, Banking in Africa has long been problematic because local banks are often unstable and corrupt as such governments and various industries rely Customer satisfaction of atm service international banks UN report, In the years after independence, African governments heavily regulated the banking sector and placed its limit on international competition.

Since the inauguration of the Gold Coast Bank as the Central Bank of the then Gold Coast and its maturity to the Central Bank of Ghana after independence inthere has been the influx of a number of Commercial, Investment, Merchant, Development and Private Banks among others.

Banking services contribute to the socio-economic development of every country. Banking creates employment opportunities to citizens of various countries. Banking facilitates many developmental projects by granting loans. Banks in Ghana contribute to the development of the country. Rafiqul et al noted that the banking industry like any other industry faces a lot of challenges in its operations that minimize the level of customer satisfaction.

Some of the challenges include; accessibility of accounts when customers are not near their mother banks and long waiting time in the banking hall. This can be minimized by widening the infrastructural base of the banks.

It has also been observed overtime that management of banks put their focus on treasury and corporate business whiles the operational side is often ignored.

The operational side is as important as other segments of banking and banks should strengthen and give incentives to those involved in the operational business.

Another area in the banking industry where a lot of progress should be made is the e-banking. Although small and medium banks are now offering online services to their customers, the large banks with more expanded branches network and a large number of customers are required to move more expeditiously so as to optimally utilize the e-banking network.

This will not only lower the transaction cost but will also help in improving the customer services Rafiqul et al.

Customer Satisfaction of ATM Service: A Case Study of HSBC ATM Dr. Md. Rafiqul Islam Dr. Samir Kumar Sheel Pallab Kumar Biswas * Abstract: The Automated Teller Machine (ATM) is one type of innovation that can mechanically accept deposits, issue withdrawals, transfer funds between accounts, collect bills, and make small loans. A Study On Customer Satisfaction Of Commercial Banks:Case Study On State Bank Of India Amruth Raj Nippatlapalli Business Management,caninariojana.come,Vikrama Simhapuri University,India Abstract: Customer satisfaction, a term frequently used in marketing, is a measure of how products and services supplied by a company meet or surpass customer by: 3. THE INFLUENCE OF ATM SERVICE QUALITY ON CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IN THE BANKING SECTOR OF NIGERIA Akpan, Sunday John (Ph.D) Department of Marketing, The Federal Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti-State, Nigeria ABSTRACT: The study investigates the influence of ATM service quality on customer satisfaction in the banking sector of Nigeria.

Problem Statement Automated teller machine ATM is an innovative service delivery mode that offers diversified financial services like cash withdrawal, funds transfer, cash deposits, payment of utility and credit card bills, cheque book requests and other financial enquiries Muhammad The concept of automated teller machine ATM has been quite old and has been developing throughout the world.

Undoubtedly, a fair number of theoretical and empirical researches have been made worldwide, because of increase in scale of ATMs and consequently to convert the economy into a cashless one Pohwa and Saxean, Yazeed Abdul noted that in Ghana, ATM is commonly use by customers of various banks for cash withdrawal and account balance enquiry.

Customer satisfaction of atm service

This inability on the part of customers to exploit these opportunities provided by the ATM is mainly due to reasons such as inadequate knowledge about the functions of the ATMs apart from cash withdrawals and balance enquiry, inability of some banks to render diversified ATM services, among others.

However it should be noted that ATM services offered to clients differ among banks Islam et al, A couple of empirical studies have being conducted on ATM services and customer satisfaction across different countries of the globe.

Aborampah also focused on the levels of customer satisfaction in the banking industry in his research customer satisfaction in the banking industry: There are however, disparities with regards to these empirical studies; they based their studies only on ATM users without considering non-ATM users and the factors that influence the usage of ATMs.

In view of these shortcomings, this study seeks to address the following questions:Personal Accounts Our transaction accounts are all about ease of access while our savings account options will maximise your returns.; Term Deposits Term Deposit options allow you to grow your savings as you lock in a rate of return over a period of your choice.; Wealth Manager Banking Package Manage your own wealth, save money and access personalised service with SERVICE ONE .


. Customer Satisfaction of ATM Service. Topics: Automated teller (Shahid ). The Automated Teller Machine (ATM) is such type of innovation that can mechanically accept deposits, issue withdrawals, transfer funds between accounts, collect bills, and make small loans.

HSBC is one of the leading organizations in the modern financial world.

What Is Customer Service Satisfaction?

The research is relevant to customer satisfaction, ATM banking, ATM features, and ATM service quality. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION Westbrook and Oliver () define customer satisfaction as a mental state which results from customers’ comparison of expectations prior to a purchase with performance after a by: 1.

ATM Service Providers find the TRACcess TM System streamlines operations, eliminates inconvenient and tedious management of physical keys, and provides audit trail information for informed business decisions and customer satisfaction.

of customer satisfaction as the website is the face of the bank in this case where face to face interaction has been negated from the process. The study also suggested ensuring and maintaining the dimensions of service performance and efficiency through processed such as periodic assessment to ensure satisfaction levels do not drop.

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