Boat of ethics

Do everything possible to achieve excellence in my professional conduct and deliver the highest quality instruction. Show respect for students in language and actions, and through the exercise of fundamental human courtesy and a respect for diversity of all people. Treat my employers and students with the same honesty I expect for myself.

Boat of ethics

Overview of Courses NLEC courses bring together small groups of diverse, highly experienced students, and we encourage class participation. Your active contribution and sharing of knowledge will be beneficial to all. Major Command Course This one-week course is designed for prospective major commanding officers O-6 who have 20 to 25 years of commissioned service and have already attended the prospective commanding officer course.

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During this program, officers will develop teamwork and communication skills that lead a positive culture and effective command. Learn More Prospective Commanding Officer PCO Course This week-long course, designed for prospective commanding officers with 15 to 21 years of service, prepares participants for overall triad effectiveness.

During the program, PCOs will create a command philosophy to increase alignment and communicate expectations. Learn More Command Spouse Leadership Course This in-depth, one-week program is for spouses of commanding officers en route to their first command.

The program also covers conflict resolution and stress management.

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In addition to completing readings before arriving on campus, students will participate in a mix of seminars and group case studies. During this course, spouses develop a personal vision statement. Learn More Intermediate Leadership Course Our Intermediate Leadership Course is designed to prepare officers for their role as a front-line leader at the department head level.ethics of a spaceship with those of a lifeboat.

A true spaceship would have to be under the control of a captain, since no ship could possibly survive if its course were determined by committee. Examples that we are proud of include our Code of Ethics that is recognized nationwide as the cornerstone and standard for professional conduct, our Arbitration Process to settle disputes between consumers and brokers, and educational material such as our "Buying a Used Boat" page.

Boat of ethics

Introduction to Ethical Studies An Open Source Reader Lee Archie John G. Archie.

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Fishing Ethics Excited Student Fishing This Kansas City student’s excited reaction to fishing during a Discover Nature Schools field experience sums up the goal of the program. Whale watch companies in the Bay of Fundy adhere to a Code of Ethics which governs their behavior around the whales.

Make sure your operator has signed the code. Don't be afraid to express your concerns to the boat captains if you witness actions on their part which seem to disturb whales. In the interest of transparency, the City Commission files the following disclosures and certifications pursuant to the Broward County Ethics Code and Florida Statutes.

Broward County Ethics Code Section 1 .

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