An overview of the conflict in the movie the godfather

NEXT Lights, camera, action! Don helps his lounge-singer godson, Johnny Fontane, intimidate a movie producer into giving him a part. Oh, no big deal. That seems to do the trick.

An overview of the conflict in the movie the godfather

The synopsis below may give away important plot points. Vito Marlon Brandothe head of the Corleone Mafia family, is known to friends and associates as "Godfather.

The Don is disappointed in Bonasera, who'd avoided most contact with the Don due to Corleone's nefarious business dealings. The Don's wife is godmother to Bonasera's shamed daughter, a relationship the Don uses to extract new loyalty from the undertaker.

The Don agrees to have his men punish the young men responsible in a non-lethal manner in return for future service if necessary. Meanwhile, the Don's youngest son Michael Al Pacinoa decorated US Marine hero returning from World War II service, arrives at the wedding and tells his girlfriend Kay Adams Diane Keaton anecdotes about his family, informing her about his father's criminal life; he reassures her that he is different from his family and doesn't plan to join them in their criminal dealings.

An overview of the conflict in the movie the godfather

The wedding scene serves as critical exposition for the remainder of the film, as Michael introduces the main characters to Kay. Fredo John CazaleMichael's next older brother, is a bit dim-witted and quite drunk by the time he finds Michael at the party.

Santino, who is nicknamed Sonny James Caanthe Don's eldest child and next in line to become Don upon his father's retirement, is married but he is a hot-tempered philanderer who sneaks into a bedroom to have sex with one of Connie's bridesmaids, Lucy Mancini Jeannie Linero.

Tom Hagen is not related to the family by blood but is considered one of the Don's sons because he was homeless when he befriended Sonny in the Little Italy neighborhood of Manhattan and the Don took him in and saw to Tom's upbringing and education.

Now a talented attorney, Tom is being groomed for the important position of consigliere counselor to the Don, despite his non-Sicilian heritage. Also among the guests at the celebration is the famous singer Johnny Fontane Al MartinoCorleone's godson, who has come from Hollywood to petition Vito's help in landing a movie role that will revitalize his flagging career.

Jack Woltz John Marleythe head of the studio, denies Fontane the part a character much like Johnny himselfwhich will make him an even bigger star, but Don Corleone explains to Johnny: After the wedding, Hagen is dispatched to Los Angeles to meet with Woltz, but Woltz angrily tells him that he will never cast Fontane in the role.

Woltz holds a grudge because Fontane seduced and "ruined" a starlet who Woltz had been grooming for stardom and with whom he had a sexual relationship. Woltz is persuaded to give Johnny the role, however, when he wakes up early the next morning and feels something wet in his bed.

A deleted scene from the film implies that Luca Brasi Lenny MontanaVito's top "button man" or hitman, is responsible. He asks Don Corleone for financing as well as political and legal protection for importing and distributing heroin. Despite the huge profit to be made, Vito Corleone refuses, explaining that his political influence would be jeopardized by a move into the narcotics trade -- the judges and politicians he's allied himself with over the course of several decades would renounce their friendships with him if he were to enter the drug trade.

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The Don's eldest son, Sonny, who had earlier urged the family to enter the narcotics trade, breaks rank during the meeting and begins to question Sollozzo's assurances as to the Corleone Family's investment being guaranteed by the Tattaglia Family. His father, angry at Sonny's dissension in a non-family member's presence, silences Sonny with a single look and privately rebukes him later.

Don Corleone then dispatches Luca Brasi to infiltrate Sollozzo's organization and report back with information. During the meeting, while Brasi is bent over to allow Bruno Tattaglia to light his cigarette, he is stabbed in the hand by Sollozzo, and is subsequently garroted by an assassin.

Soon after his meeting with Sollozzo, Don Corleone is gunned down in an assassination attempt just outside his office, and it is not immediately known whether he has survived.

Fredo Corleone had been assigned driving and protection duty for his father when Paulie Gatto, the Don's usual bodyguard, had called in sick. Fredo proves to be ineffectual, fumbling with his gun and unable to shoot back.

Castellano to find Paulie and bring him to the Don's house. Sollozzo abducts Tom Hagen and persuades him to offer Sonny the deal previously offered to his father. When Tom is released, Sollozzo gets word that the Don has survived the attempt on his life.

He angrily tells Tom to persuade Sonny to accept his offer. Enraged, Sonny refuses to consider it and issues an ultimatum to the Tattaglias: They refuse, and instead send Sonny "a Sicilian message," in the form of two fresh fish wrapped in Luca Brasi's bullet-proof vest, telling the Corleones that Luca Brasi "sleeps with the fishes.

Sonny wants to "go to the mattresses" -- set up beds in apartments for Corleone button men to operate out of in the event that the crime war breaks out.And since we're in a mob movie, this leads to a near-fatal assassination attempt on Don Corleone and the murder of his trusted hit man, Luca Brasi.

So Sonny becomes the acting Don, while Michael defends the Godfather from a second assassination attempt. The Godfather is a American crime film directed by Francis Ford Coppola and produced by Albert S.

The Godfather - Wikipedia With him are his oldest son, Sonny, and his adopted son and family lawyer, Tom Hagen. As the wedding reception draws to a close, Vito dispatches Tom to Los Angeles to talk to Jack Woltz, the studio owner.
From the SparkNotes Blog Summary[ edit ] The Corleone family and the mob war they fight with the other four mafia families in New York in the years after World War II is the central issue.
The Godfather () - IMDb September 19, 0 Comment A few weeks back we looked at classic screenplay structure— Syd Field- style— for the Matrix. I do this for those of you who want to outline, and are looking for how you would go about that.
The Godfather () plot summary Edit Coppola was not Paramount Pictures ' first choice to direct.
The Godfather (novel) - Wikipedia It exposes Americans to the Mafia lifestyle-characterized not only by killing, but by romance, family, and incredible power. It is a tapestry of many layers.

Ruddy from a screenplay by Mario Puzo and Coppola. Based on Puzo's novel of the same name, the film stars Marlon Brando and Al Pacino as the leaders of a powerful New York crime family Director(s): Francis Ford Coppola.

The second conflict that is present in "The Godfather", is the conflict of divergent ideas vs. his father's ideas. Santino, "Sonny", Corleone, demostrates this conflict by deciding to go against his father's beliefs.

Conflict in life may be unpleasant but literature readers find it exciting. Characters in conflict stand out clearly as to what they truly are. In Mario Puzo's, "The Godfather", the core conflict is revealed almost immediately through "The Shooting of Don Corleone".

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An overview of the conflict in the movie the godfather

The Godfather ( Not only is the conflict draining all their assets and threatening their survival, but ending it is the only way that Michael can return home safely. Reversing his previous decision, Vito agrees that the Corleone family will.

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