An introduction to the analysis of the wheelchair experince

I took my friend Megan along as moral, and at times physical, support.

An introduction to the analysis of the wheelchair experince

Dealing with Stigma: Experiences of Persons Affected by Disabilities and Leprosy

So this was going to be a day just like any other day. This was the wheelchair I was assigned … not very sporty. This one weighed somewhere between 40 and 50lbs — which seemed extremely heavy. I drive a Chevy Tahoe and I had to lower half the second row and all of the third row just to get this to fit.

When I arrived at the office, I was a little self-conscious about having people see me get out of my car, walk around the back, pull a wheelchair out and then get in it like I was faking. I hung my shoulder bag off the handles in the back — that one was easy.

I put the bag with the breakfast tacos in my mouth and bit down. The tricky part was the large styrofoam cup.

I looked up and down, could I stick it here? Maybe jam it in there?

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No — none of those places was going to work. There was only one place I could put it … my crotch.

An introduction to the analysis of the wheelchair experince

So I stuck this squishy cup full of liquid in my crotch and I took off for the non-compliant ramp that would elevate me from the parking lot up on to the sidewalk. As I approached the ramp, I thought I should build up some speed — so I did — and about halfway up the ramp … I started to fall over backwards.

The drink was spared. This was not the start I was hoping for as I begun my day. Not freakishly large but maybe a little larger than average.

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This is commercially designed desk benching system and is designed to meet ADA standards. Also, that nasty looking scabby thing on my leg has nothing to do with this post but it did make for a very painful reminder every single time about my leg banged into my computer which was previously conveniently suspended below my desk.

I also spend a lot of time hopping from desk to desk to look at drawings — which is always a bit of a pain — but today it was extremely unproductive. I think it would be useful to see just how remote I am located in the office. Since I sketch a lot in the office, I tend to use the copier frequently and scan them in so I can email them to clients.

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Have you ever tried balancing a few pieces of trace paper on your lap and then move from spot 1 to spot 9? They tend to fall off your lap. The upside is that I have the arm length to body size ratio similar to a orangutang.

But long arms come in handy when you need to open a door. Surprisingly, this was not something that I had much difficulty in achieving.

An introduction to the analysis of the wheelchair experince

Going out to lunch. As I balanced my incredibly healthy lunch tray on my lap, every time I rolled over a tile joint, all the plates on my tray would bounce up and slide perilously close to my white shirt.Example Essay on Personal Experience.

An introduction to the analysis of the wheelchair experince

High school just wasn’t for me. High school just isn’t for a lot of people, but adult society has its grasp on today’s youth, trying to manipulate them to conform to whatever they think is an acceptable teenager.

P.S. the essay should be should be descriptive of what the person experienced for a specific day when she use the wheelchair for the whole day.

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On Thursday, July 23, , the Americans Institute of Architects of Dallas organized a day of awareness and celebration on the impact the ADA has had on the built environment and the disabled community and I was asked to participate by spending my entire day in a wheelchair.

Sean - Staying Upbeat and Positive: A Wheelchair Experience