An analysis of industrial affects the physical environment

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An analysis of industrial affects the physical environment

July 19, Various factors affecting marketing function.

BREAKING DOWN 'Macro Environment'

The environmental factors that are affecting marketing function can be classified into: This refers to factors existing within a marketing firm. They are also called as controllable factors, because the company has control over these factors: There are many internal factors that influence the marketing function, they are: The organizational structure, Board of Director, professionalization of management.

An analysis of industrial affects the physical environment

Factors like the amount of support the top management enjoys from different levels of employees, shareholders and Board of Directors have important influence on the marketing decisions and their implementation. Finance refers to funding and using funds to carry out the marketing plan. Financial factors are financial polices, financial position and capital structure.

Research and Development refers to designing the product safe and attractive. They are technological capabilities, determine a company ability to innovate and compete.

It is responsible for producing the desired quality and quantity of products. Factors which influence the competitiveness of a firm are production capacity technology and efficiency of the productive apparatus, distribution logistics etc.

Purchasing refers to procurement of goods and services from some external agencies.

An analysis of industrial affects the physical environment

It is the strategic activity of the business. Company Image and Brand Equity: The image of the company refers in raising finance, forming joint ventures or other alliances soliciting marketing intermediaries, entering purchase or sales contract, launching new products etc.

In organization, the marketing resources like organization for marketing, quality of marketing, brand equity and distribution network have direct bearing on marketing efficiency. They are important for new product introduction and brand extension, etc.

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External Environment of Marketing. External factors are beyond the control of a firm, its success depends to a large extent on its adaptability to the environment. The external marketing environment consists of: The environmental factors that are in its proximity.

The suppliers to a firm can also alter its competitive position and marketing capabilities. These are raw material suppliers, energy suppliers, suppliers of labor and capital.

According to michael Porter, the relationship between suppliers and the firm epitomizes a power equation between them. This equation is based on the industry condition and the extent to which each of them is dependent on the other.

The bargaining power of the supplier gets maximized in the following situations: Every producer has to have a number of intermediaries for promoting, selling and distributing the goods and service to ultimate consumers.

These intermediaries may be individual or business firms. The customers may be classified as: These customers may be individual and householders. These customers are organization which buy goods and services for producing other goods and services for the purpose of other earning profits or fulfilling other objectives.

They are the intermediaries who purchase goods with a view to resell them at a profit. They can be wholesalers, retailers, distributors, etc. These customers purchase goods and services to those for whom they are produced, for their consumption in most of the cases.

These customers are individual and organizations of other countries who buy goods and services either for consumption or for industrial use. Such buyers may be consumers, producers, resellers, and governments.

Competitors are those who sell the goods and services of the same and similar description, in the same market. Apart from competition on price, there are like product differentiation.

Therefore, it is necessary to build an efficient system of marketing.Jan 05,  · A person’s physical and social environment is considered as an influencing factor in terms of rates of engagement in physical activity.

This study analyses the influence of socio-demographic, physical and social environmental factors on physical activity reported in the adult population in Andalusia. environment and cause loss of biodiversity (Uchegbu ).The environment in which these human activities takes place is the outer physical and biological systems of .

The resulting Education Environment Program frames the "design problem" in a broader, more comprehensive way than possible in the old "ed. spec." format.

Program and Process The EEP is a program that initiates and is the result of an evolving planning process for . Some of the major effects of industries on environment are as follows: Industrialization contributes major part for the economic development and prosperity of a country. On one hand it provides employment opportunities and wealth generation while on other hand it leads to following environmental.

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