Alyssa bustamante essay

USA Killing girl was 'enjoyable', teen murderer writes in her diary Diary entries made by teenage murderer Alyssa Bustamente in which she described her pleasure at killing her nine-year-old neighbour Elizabeth Olten have been read to a shocked courtroom. While a search was launched for the missing girl in the small town of St Martins, Missouri, Bustamante then went off to a youth dance at her church. Elizabeth's parents wept as the diary entry, which the killer later attempted to scribble out, was read to the court by a hand-writing expert during a hearing to decide her sentence.

Alyssa bustamante essay

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Alyssa bustamante essay

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Alyssa had no remorse for the poor 9-year-old girl who’s throat she slashed, therefore no remorse should be shown to her. All things considered, teens who commit murder should endure a life of imprisonment for their crime.

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