Addictions willpower is not enough essay

What the Board expects you to know: Risk factors in the development of addiction, including genetic vulnerability, stress, personality, family influences and peers. Explanations for nicotine addiction: Explanations for gambling addiction:

Addictions willpower is not enough essay

It is a combination of hypnosis together with investigative analytical techniques in order to discover the initial sensitising event that has created the symptoms that the client has come to the therapist to address. In many situations the initial sensitising event is obvious to the client, and in these cases hypnoanalysis is not necessary, but in other situations the initial sensitising event is not clear.

In these cases hypnoanalysis can be used to uncover the primary cause of the issue and then treat that root cause. HunterChrysalis course notes, module 7 Hypnoanalysis was first used in by Dr.

Joseph Breuer who was treating an hysterical girl who had an inability to drink water from a cup. Direct questioning in the waking state did not uncover the cause of this issue but direct questioning under hypnosis revealed that the primary cause was watching a dog drinking from a cup that she had used.

Following hypnoanalysis the girl could remember the incident in the waking state and her symptoms vanished. Hypnoanalysis is useful in a variety of issues including cases of panic attacks, phobias, anxiety and irrational fears, low self esteem, sleeping difficulties, stuttering, relationship issues, and addictions.


The use of direct or indirect suggestion during hypnosis may be sufficient to deal with a problem if the motivating desire of the client is strong and the initial sensitising event is clearly identified by the client, but if the problem originates from a traumatic experience where the initial sensitising event is not clear, this will seldom be enough and hypnoanalysis is required to find the cause of the behaviour the client wishes to change.

The subconscious mind is the origin of the symptoms or behaviours for which hypnoanalysis is appropriate.

Whatever we believe is our reality, and nobody can change our belief system except ourselves. If we feed our subconscious mind with negative impressions we build a negative belief system and vice versa.

The subconscious mind does not argue or analyse its contents for merit or demerit. When the conscious mind is in conflict with the subconscious mind the subconscious always wins.

This is the reason willpower is generally insufficient to overcome neuroses that clients come to hypnotherapists to treat.

Traumatic events in the past can create conflicts between our subconscious and conscious minds and result in behaviours that are not useful and which we wish to change. Some people will have the resilience to deal with the emotional aftermath of a trauma whereas others will repress the memories and emotions.

Sigmund Freud originally identified repression as the corner stone of the ego defence mechanisms. These ego defence mechanisms provide a coping strategy to reduce the stress and anxiety a person feels around a particular situation.


Repression describes a kind of forgetting that creates a defence by pushing away something so that it does not create intense anxiety in the present, but the underlying anxiety will not go away until it is resolved. Hypnoanalysis involves searching for repressed memories or emotions so they can be resolved and the initial sensitising event identified.

Chrysalis notes module 7. One of these incidents will have caused the problem, the initial sensitising event ISEand another will have activated the problem, the activating event AE.

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Addictions willpower is not enough essay

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